About us



The sicilian term ‘Pitittu’ means ‚appetite‘, ‚lust‘ or ‚desire‘. In this context, U’Pitittu describes the desire or lust to eat or drink something tasteful, to satisfy the the appetite in a tasty and sensational way.

Why U’PitiTTu?

The above made description is what we want to deliver:
Unique and unforgettable taste sensations based on produce and delicacies of Sicilian origin! A little bit of sunshine, warmth and Mediterranean lust for life on your dining or breakfast table served by crafted  delights and local produce of high quality, but for a reasonable price. This starts with the breakfast espresso or cappuccino, spices and olive oil at lunch and dinner, wine and snacks for drinks and parties, as well as gift ideas for special occasions. We only offer products in this web shop we also use ourselves. We are convinced by the quality, know the producers and keep in contact on a regular base.

Why our passion for Sicilian produce?

Sicily is the native country of Cinzia and we both share a passion for the Sicilian kitchen and  healthy and honest produce from this island.
At the beginning we brought produce from our holidays back to Amstelveen, because we are not pleased with the quality and taste of regular supermarket offers. But sooner or later friends liked to have Sicilian delicacies and local produce, too and also wanted to know how to cook Sicilian dishes. Since 2015 we import produce with authentic flavors and only natural ingredients directly from Sicily. We are exclusive importer of a number of Sicilian produce of highest quality. And we are proud to be!

Of course, we also use this produce in our cooking workshops.

This is the story behind U’PitiTTu…
… the real taste of Sicily

(Team U’PitiTTu: Jens & Cinzia)