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A delicious blend of full-bodied coffee beans, a great aroma and a velvety cream to prepare an excellent espresso coffee at home. The coffee is also used by baristas in Sicily.
Tin of 250g coffee beans

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A superb blend of coffee beans with a full body, great aroma and a velvety crema to prepare an excellent espresso coffee at home. Especially for electric espresso machines, but also excellent in any coffee maker.

Origins: High quality coffee beans of premium Arabica from Central/South America and selected Robusta coffees from Asia
Roasting: Medium
Features: Velvet and aromatic
Aroma and flavour: Aromatic, delicate, fragrant, mild acidity, superb aftertaste
Use: Coffee beans, to be ground especially for espresso.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Origin: Messina (ME) / Sicily
Producer: Miscela d’Oro

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